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AUDIOmart Rehearsal Rooms

"Putting you and Your Music first"

Need a Coffee Hit

Barista made coffee can be purchased to enjoy on a break.



Broke a guitar string? Need a pick? How about a snack? We've got all your needs on site.


Sometimes you come unprepared.That's what our wall of spares is for. We've got leads, straps,power boards and kettle cords for those days you run out the door. Just chuck them back on the wall when you're done.

ZOOM H2 recording available

When your iPhone just isn't cutting it but you're not ready to shell out for a pro recording, you need an affordable solution. Hire a Zoom H2 for two or four hour session and transfer to USB or CD before you leave. With four internal microphones, you'll get high quality audio at an affordable price.

2 hours $15    4 hours $20

HIRE ME for 4 hours at $25 a session

Line six bass Cab and head

HIRE ME for 4 hours at $25 a session

'Traps' drum kit* $25 per 4 hour jam sesson.    *BYO symbols.

HIRE ME for 4 hours at $25 a session

Line six 200watt Guitar Amp combo $25 per 4 hour jam session.